On-the-Go Nutrition as You Shop
Private grocery tour + nutrition counseling

What People are Saying...

"We initially reached out to improve our nutrition leading up to our wedding. Audrey was able to share valuable insight into our eating habits and made some simple, doable swaps to help us manage certain aspects of our diet. One month later, we are both still more conscious!

Ann + Eddie


Meet Your Health Goals

We listen to your goals, we educate, we plan. As Registered Dietitians, we use Medical Nutrition Therapy, an evidence-based medical approach for treating chronic conditions, through an individualized nutrition plan. We work with you to understand how your diet effects your everyday life and offer personalized advice and support.

Founded by a Registered Dietitian

As leaders in the field of dietetics, a Registered Dietitian (R.D.) must complete a degree in Nutrition from an accredited program, participate in supervised practice and sit for a nationally-accredited exam from The Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics.
Audrey Dombrowski is a proud Registered Dietitian and graduate of Saint Louis University's Masters of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics program.

Nutrition, Simplified

It starts with how we shop. We've found that one of the easiest and most effective ways for people to take control of their diets is to understand the food we eat, before we buy it.
Going grocery shopping can be overwhelming. We make it simple.
Audrey Dombrowki

Get to know Audrey

Audrey Dombrowski  //  The GroceryGirl  //  Owner + Founder

“Having an active lifestyle has always been a part of who I am––from dance classes, to high school extracurriculars, to a full-time collegiate golf career. That’s really where it all began. I embraced wellness habits, encouraged my parents to buy healthier pantry foods, and cooked new recipes with my brother (they didn’t always taste great, but we tried). When I learned I could start a career as a Registered Dietitian, I knew I found my passion.

Food and nutrition trends constantly change and everyone’s health needs are unique. Unfortunately, there is a mountain of misinformation out there that makes nutrition seem complicated. That’s why I started GroceryG, to show my clients that a healthier lifestyle is simple and achievable. I take a Medical Nutrition Therapy approach, only use evidence-based studies, and customize all tours and advice to my clients.”

Audrey graduated from Spring Hill College with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. She continued her education at Saint Louis University earning a Bachelor's degree in Dietetics, a Master’s degree in Nutrition, and completing a competitive Dietetic Internship at SLU. 

We are GroceryG

Kickstart your health journey. We empower our clients to make nutrition-based choices through convenient education, support and practice at their own pace.
GroceryG is a nutrition and dietetic services company based in St. Louis, Missouri. In 2019, Audrey Dombrowski created GroceryG to help motivate people to make healthier and smarter food choices. Recognizing these choices are often made at the store, she set out to make nutrition simple and convenient for her clients at the source.
As a St. Louis company, we are here to support our local businesses. Restaurants, stores, or other companies are welcome to inquire about nutrition consultations or education.