Grocery Tours

Convenient nutrition advice while you shop. Meet with a Registered Dietitian at a grocery store of your choice.
A GroceryGirl or GroceryGuy will accompany you and offer
advice on healthy alternatives, misleading labels, marketing
gimmicks, reducing food waste, meal planning, and more.

Nutrition Counseling

Take control of your relationship with food.
Discuss your goals with a Registered Dietitian and we'll help make a health plan specifically tailored to you.

Received diet orders from a doctor? Or wanting to make a diet change? Working with a professional helps you reach your goals and maintain your health.

Business Nutrition Services

Nutrition consultation and education for your company. 
We are a St. Louis business, and we are here to support local restaurants, stores and other companies with their nutritional needs. We hope you think of us during your next health initiative/incentive.


Grocery Tours
We offer a 45-minute grocery tour at your store of choice. Once completing our assessment form, we discuss goals for the tour to best prepare for when we meet in person.
Private Nutrition Counseling
In a 60-minute consultation, we dive into the details and work together on a custom health plan. Plus, clients who completed our grocery tour receive a 25% discount on their first consultation!
Follow-up Consultations
 To help you along your health journey, we offer a 30-minute consultation to review your goals and tweak your health plan as needed.
Business Nutrition Services (Inquire for Quote)
Consult a professional for a more effective health initiative that can help your employees be healthier and happier.